Economic Themes (2009) 47 (1) 8, 139-151


Ana Krstić

Abstract: The importance of the marketing communications component of the marketing mix increased dramatically during the last decade of the twentieth century. As the number of the promotional activities of an organization increases, the need for their coordination is raised at the same time. For that reason, the implementation of integrated marketing communications system also increases, by which the organization coordinates its promotional activities in order to deliver a clear, consistent, persuasive, strong and competitive message, both about itself and its products/services, to its audience. The goal of integrated marketing communications is to communicate the right message, in the right way, to the right people, in the right place, at the right moment. Integrated marketing communications enable the contemplation of the promotional process as a whole, instead of focusing only on some instruments, as well as the coordination of the promotional activities and combination of the best characteristics of different instruments, so that they work in harmony or synergy. The application of the integrated marketing communications concept may lead to a more consistent and clear positioning of the organizations and their products/services in the mind of customers, as well as to better business and sales results. The constantly changing and dynamic environment, in which marketing communications take place, as well as the possibilities and risks of the market, continuously affect the whole system of the marketing communications mix. There is no one, single, best approach to how marketing communications should be organized to achieve integration. It will depend on the prevailing circumstances in the specific moment.

Keywords:  marketing mix; promotion; communication; integrated marketing communications; synergy; target audiences

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