Economic Themes (2010) 48 (2) 3, 169-185


Slobodan Čerović, Svetlana Vukosav

Abstract: Market position of hotel companies is the result of its overall perception and knowledge of all relevant characteristics of tourists within the selected segments. These are the needs, requirements and behavior of tourists. In that sense, it is necessary to identify the key dimensions of tourists and to examine their perceptions and preferences in selecting one of the possible "package offers" on the market. Increase and enterprise development in tourism for many years is primarily determined by changes in the scope and structure of tourism demand on the one hand and technological development, on the other hand. So, in addition to persistent tendency of quantitative increase the tourist market, it is important to point out the qualitative changes, as demand in the area, as well as the total area of tourism. Numerically speaking, compared to the 1999, the number of hotels in Vojvodina increased by 21 object and most hotels in the group IV category (10 objects), category II (5 objects), and opened 3 new hotels of category I ( "Park" and "Leopold I" in Novi Sad and "Vila Breg" in Vršac). Analysis of market share in recent years shows that the best market position within the objects for the accommodation have hotel companies and (70% -85%) at that . Within these companies the most competitive are hotels of category III, and for the international markets hotels of first, and other categories. Therefore, international demand imposes the needs and demands for high quality hotel service, which is why the economy of Vojvodina must focus its development policy in that direction.

Keywords:  market; positioning; competitiveness; hotel companies; Vojvodina

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