Economic Themes (2010) 48 (2) 4, 187-200


Vukašin Šušić

Abstract: The hierarchy of needs acts in such a way as to make man always try to satisfy his basic – primary needs, which are the need for food, water, air, clothing etc. Having satisfied his primary needs, man turns to secondary ones, or the needs of a higher order, which include tourist needs. Tourist needs influence man’s decisions and choices, that is, his motivation for travelling. In tourism, motivation is the process of expectations regarding where to travel, the process of obtaining information, choosing and deciding on the travel. Motivation encourages man to approach a tourist object in order to achieve certain goals. Motives for travelling contain a wish to realise a great number of various human needs and desires such as: the need to spread knowledge, for aesthetic experiences, encountering new areas, people, cultures and customs, socializing, change, freedom and relaxation, adventure and play, as well as the need for travelling in search of one’s own personality.

Keywords:  tourism; hierarchy of needs; tourist needs; motivation; tourist motives

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