Economic Themes (2010) 48 (2) 8, 241-252


Dragan Mihajlović, Dragica Stojanović

Abstract: Business is an important part of a modern society. From the very beginning of business development and profit making, there is one question that should be answered: Is moral behavior related to business? Today's business conditions, the necessity of achieving competitive advantage and goals that include not only increased profitability, have become an imperative of every organisation. If individuals in organisations and the organisations themselves are to accomplish these objectives, all their acts have to be based on ethical principles and ethical attitudes. The paper considers the key aspects of business ethics, which under today's business conditions has become an indispensable part of business practice and a precondition for realising business performances in the long run.

Keywords:  morality; business ethics; business responsibility; corporate culture; business; competitiveness

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