Economic Themes (2016) 54 (3) 4, 385-402


Miloš Stojanović, Marina Đorđević

Abstract: Changes in the world of technology have enabled banks to use new channels for distribution of banking services to its clients. With the appearance of of smart phones, WEB mobile banking is developed,and it provides a possibility for greater integration between the bank and the client. WEB mobile banking is increasingly gaining in importance, especially in developed countries, while this process in our country is much slower. The aim of this paper is to point out the benefits that WEB mobile banking offer to users, but also to point out its weak presence in the Nisava District and Serbia in general. Also the identification of the main reasons forweak presence of mobile banking in our region, aims to point out in which way can in the future this banking be quickly disseminated among users. In order to achieve the defined objectives, the authors used descriptive method, method of compilation, comparison, deduction and induction and statistical method which is used for testing of independence between variables and calculation of coefficient of contingency.

Keywords:  WEB mobile banking; e-banking; Serbia; Nišava district

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