Economic Themes (2013) 51 (1) 9, 155-172


Radenko Milojević, Marija Anđelković-Pešić, Gorica Bošković

Abstract: The word quality is usually associated with the quality of products, processes or business operations. However, quality can be seen at the level of employees as individuals. This kind of quality is known as personal quality. The main assumption of this paper is that the quality of employees, as individuals determinеs the quality of business, as a whole. The aim of this paper is to show that the self-evaluation and self-control of employees represent the basic condition and the first step towards personal quality improvement. This paper briefly presents a model of modern quality management, which emphasizes the importance of personal quality. Before demystifyng personal quality, the paper points out employees’ contribution to business improvement. Finally, the last part of the paper refers to the research results concerning presence of certain elements of quality management model in Serbian enterprises, as well as the contribution of personal quality to implementation of the mentioned model.

Keywords:  management; quality; employees; personal quality; check list

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